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    Research Monocular Microscope BN-9mxi

    We are an Eminent Manufacturer and Supplier of Reseach Monocular Microscopes in india . We engineer our vast assortment of Research Monocular Microscopes using quality raw material and machineries . These instruments are designed to ensure durability, reliability and accuracy of measurement with minimum maintenance cost. The Microscopes are fabricated in compliance with international quality standards and can be customized in accordance with therequirements of our clients. Available at the best price, we export these Research Monocular Microscopes. Amtech India’s BN-9mxi  series Microscopes  are Research Monocular Microscopes used in biological , medical and industrial laboratories. Infinity corrected optics providing images with needle sharp and contrast and defination . The long working distance objectives ( DIN standard) and super widefiled objectives offer ease of operation .

    AMTECH INDIA’s BN-9mxi features :

    Head                               : Binocular ,Diopter Adjustment,Inclined 45 ‘, rotates full 360’,Interpupillary range 55-75 mm .
    Mechanics                      : Long life Coaxial and Fine Focusing  System ball bearing  guide ways focusing  mechanism
                                             with tension control ring .
    Nosepiece                       : Quadrable revolving nosepiece (turet) with clip stops .
    Magnification                 :Magnification upto 1000x( 40, 100, 400, 1000) .
    Objectives                      :Parafocaled & infinity corrected Semi-plan  Achromate objectives ( DIN Standard & antifungal coated .
                                            4x ( 0.10) , 10x ( 1.25), 40x (0.65, S.L ), 100x( S.l oil immersion) .
    Eyepieces                      : Extra wide field 10x ( 18mm F.O.V ) antifungal and antireflected coated .
    Condensor                     : Abbe (N.A. 1.25, height adjustable) with iris diaphragm and filter holder .
    Lighting                         : Transmitted light, Koehler illumination .
                                            Halogen Bulb ( 6v, 20w )
                                            220v power supply .
    Specimen Stage              :Inbuilt  graduated mechanical stage 120 * 140 mm .
                                            Provided with specimen mover handwheels for moving the specimen .
                                             Stage locking lever .
    Standard Accesories       : Dust Cover, Cleaning Cloth, Operational Manual, Filter, Thermocole packing, Immersion oil
    Optional Accesories       :Wooden cabinet,30 ‘ inclined binocular head , Trinocular head ,Dark field Condensor ,
                                             Photography equipement .
    Product Advantages       : Value for money price .
                                              Antifungal coated DIN standard Semi –plan objectives.
                                              1 year guarantee against any manufacturing defect .
                                              High Eyepoint  W.f 10x with antifungal and antireflected coating -
                                               - guarantees a relaxed observation .
                                                ISO 9001 quality certified .

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