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    Compound Microscope ST-04

    Amtech India manufactures a meticulous range of Compound Microscopes / Student Microscopes specially designed, keeping in mind the detailed studies undertaken by the students and the rough handling done.Providing matchless mechanical and optical performance . These microscopes are value for the money invested and are ideal choice for use in junior and senior high school level biological studies. These Student microscopes have a nose piece that is precisely para-centered and is triple revolving. For controlling the aperture, these rectangular/plain stage 120 x 120 mm microprocessors are fixed with condenser & iris diaphragm to control the aperture. Due to the cast metal body that these microprocessors are added to ensure years of high performance and adjustable down stopper to prevent damage to specimen slides and objects. The coarse and fine focus knobs bring the image into focus .

    Body                        : Sturdy heavy bodywith hinged type horse shoe base inclinatiion inclination upto 90’ having safety - stopper for slides .
    Tube                        : Standard  length 160mm with triple revolving nosepiese  with stopclick .
    Mechanics                : Separate coarse and fine focus knobs .
    Stage                      : Fixed stage size 110 * 110 mm having stage clips for holding the specimen .
    Illumination              : By abbe condensor of N.A 1.2 and iris diaphragm with filter holder . Detachable 50mm Plano-Concave mirror in fork .
    Objectives                : Parafocaled achromatic objectives 10x, 45x S.L .
    Eyepieces                 : Huygenian 10x, 15x .
    Magnification            : 675(100,150, 450, 675)
    Standard Accessories:   Dust Cover, Cleaning Cloth, operating manual.
    Optional Accessories : Mechanical stage, Pointer eyepiece,  oil immersion 100x, substage illuminator lamp.
    Product Advantages  : Affordable price .

    Quality cerification.

    Parafocaled & self Adjustable Objectives .

    0ne year guarantee against any manufacturing defect .

    Product Performance.
    Available in styrofoam case or wooden cabinet or both .

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