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    Advanced Dissecting Microscope DS-03

    Our Bulls Eye Dissecting Microscope has a heavy round base with a precisely designed body. Sensitive focusing is done by rack-pinion movement. A joint revolving arm is provided for moving magnifying lens overkill areaof the stage. It is easily replaceable bya special bull's eye lens (83mrndia.)to increase the field of vision. A plano-concave mirror reflects sufficient day light and artificial light on the object. Detachable hand rests on both sides of stage provided for a study support during dissection. Provided with l0x & 20x eye pieces and special bull's eye lens (83mm dia.). Packed in wooden carrying cabinet .

                Product Advantages :        Affordable price .
                                                           Iso 9001 Quality certified .
                                                          0ne year guarantee against any manufacturing defect .
                                                          Product Performance

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