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    Compound Microscope ST-03

    We are Eminent Manufacturer & Supplier of Compound Microscopes/Student Microscopes in India. Amtech India's Student Microscope ST-03 is widely used by schools and educational institutions and offers magnification upto 675x .
    Body                        : Sturdy heavy bodywith hinged type horse shoe base inclinatiion inclination upto 90’  having safety - stopper for slides .
    Tube                        : Standard length 160mm with triple revolving nosepiese with stopclick .
    Mechanics                : Separate coarse and fine focus knobs .
    Stage                       : Fixed stage size 110 * 110 mm having stage clips for holding the specimen .
    Illumination              : By abbe condensor of N.A 1.2 and iris diaphragm with filter holder . Detachable 50mm Plano-Concave mirror in fork .
    Objectives                : Parafocaled achromatic objectives 10x, 45x S.L .
    Eyepieces                 : Huygenian 10x, 15x .
    Magnification            : 675(100,150, 450, 675)
    Standard Accessories:   Dust Cover, Cleaning Cloth, operating manual.
    Optional Accessories : Mechanical stage, Pointer eyepiece,  oil immersion 100x, substage illuminator lamp.
    Product Advantages  : Affordable price .
    Quality cerification.
    Parafocaled Objectives .
      0ne year guarantee against any manufacturing defect .
      Product Performance .
    Available in styrofoam case or wooden cabinet or both .

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